Cottrell's EZ-7509 six (6) car trailer serves multiple purposes for a variety of our customers.  This popular trailer can be used as a stepping stone for operators who are preparing for more complex equipment or as a mainstay in any fleet whose dedicated run consists of a smaller or quicker load factor.

Cottrell's CS-6UD heavy-duty truck hauler is built to withstand the rigorous challenge of hauling large pickup trucks across North America.  With the potential to haul 4 dualies and 2 large trucks, this unit has specially designed drop pockets, adjustable deck surfaces, and optimum weight splits that enable a consistent load factor day in and day out.

Cottrell's C-7512 trailer model has been the most efficient and effective quick load trailer on the market for nearly a decade. This 7 car hauler has the capability of being flexible when loading while retaining a quick load and unload time. With one split sliding top deck and a rear hinged position, this trailer can accommodate most seven car loads.

Cottrell's C-7512MST is a creation all its own;  the additional feature of splitting the top rear deck on the C-7512 trailer has proven to be ingenious.  This new C-7512MST trailer has the ability to remain quick but yet flexible enought to take on tough Loads.

The Cottrell C-7510ST low side frame trailer is gaining market share by flexing it muscles with strong door openings and versatility that is unparalleled within the industry.  If you want a 7-car low rail trailer with hi-rail capability this is the trailer.

The Cottrell C-10LTA/B  highside has a new "post forward" design which allows for superior door openings, load maximization, and easy multiple drop configurations. Our unique corrosion resistant tandem screw drive and split valve banks are two of the many standard features that have made this one of our most popular models to date. 

The Cottrell CS-12LTA/B has been a benchmark for the industry. This version of a 7/8 car stack trailer is wonderful for meeting multiple drops and maximizing your load factor for those 400 mile plus one way trips. It is the most versatile, durable, and faithful trailer in the industry.

Cottrell's C-12  highside trailer model has been a rock within the industry; durable, dependable, and reliable.  This 7-car trailer is for the operator who wants to maximize the load while retaining structural integrity.

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