The CX-09LS 2/3 is an efficient, effective quickloader-style unit.  Simplicity and durability are cornerstone descriptions of this stylish, proven model.  The CX-09LS is perfect for operations that have short hauls and multiple daily loads.

The CX-6MST is an efficient and effective model offering the best of both worlds.  This unit allows an individual to maximize loads and make multiple drops with unbelievable efficiency.  The unique featur of three split decks across the top adds a special characteristic that is key to maximizing load efficiencies.

The CX-7 MST offers a mid range approach in meeting speed, efficiency, and versatility.  This modes allows individuals to optimize their multiple short drop applications.  However, load factor maximization for long hauls can be achieved by simply instilling a little more thought and time to take advantage of all seven positions of the trailer. 

Cottrell's CX-09HCS 9-car soft tie down unit is one of the most maintenance friendly models on the market today.  The addition of adjustable decks with no flippers has established this unit as the most sought out design in its class.

The CX-11HCS soft tie down unit contains cutting edge innovations that truly demonstrates Cottrell's years of experience engineering and manufacturing auto transport equipment.  With three (3) independent, sliding top decks and several built in wheel pockets, this model will out load and out maneuver all othe products within the NextGen Series.

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